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Guest Artists:

*** Misael Cordero Puebla (Cuba) ***
*** Ella Salsera Italy/UK ***
*** Dj Rossy from Abanico Salsa***

7:45 LADIES STYLING (for the ladies only ) with Ella
8:30 RUEDA with the Master Misael

9:30 Party time with Dj MIsael & guest Dj Rossy from Abanico Salsa Ella Salsera


*** £9 1 class or more + Party ***
*** £6 Party Only ***

*** £7, 1 class or more + Party for NUS***
*** £5, Party Only for NUS ***

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2 Full passes for SALSA SELECTA IN TORQUAY 12th April 2014


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About Misael & Ella

Misael Espinosa Cordero, founder of MISALSACUBANA Dance company, Director of Latin Lounge Plymouth and Co-Founder of Tropicalentura; was born in Cuba. He trained in singing, dance and acting at the Escuela de Instructores de Arte Pepito Tey, Santiago de Cuba.

Since moving to the UK he has focused on teaching Salsa, as well as performing in various shows.He strives to promote the Cuban style of Salsa and introduce people to Cuban music. His patience and lively character ensure that his classes are relaxed and fun to participate in yet serious and he relishes seeing people improve their dancing. He is a regular teacher and DJ at some of the Uk’s biggest Salsa Events, as well as, more recently managing his own Cuban Salsa congresses in Wales in collaboration with the Tropicalentura team.

Misael teaches highly popular, regular classes in Plymouth, Exeter where his repertoire extends to Cross Body Salsa, Bachata, Bacha-Tango, Rumba, Rumba apply to salsa, body movement, styling, Kizomba, and Rueda de Casino in addition to Cuban Salsa. He also runs his own Latin Club, ‘The Latin Lounge’ in Plymouth, which hosts monthly parties and workshops, Misael has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Latin dance. (Roly Maden, Maikel Fonts, Clave Negra, U-Tribe, Yanet Fuentes, Rafael del Busto, Osbanis and Anneta, Alberto Valdes, Moe Flex, Hugo Cortes, Kerry Ribchester, Miguel Montiero, Iris de Brito, Enrique Perez, Duana, Diana Rodriguez, Mauricio Reyes, Yoandy Villaurruti, Ismaray Aspirina Chacon, Joseph Koniak & Solange Dias and many more….)

full bio clcik on his website

Ella Salsera

Ella was born in the UK and is of English and Italian descent. She has an athletic and artistic background and has been dancing Latin styles for four and a half years.

Ella started artistic gymnastics at seven years of age and won medals in many national competitions as a junior, both individually and as a team. She was also required to incorporate Ballet within her gymnastics training and was training a minimum of 24hrs per week. She was a member of the Plymouth Gymnastics Squad, Devon Squad, South-West Squad and in the junior GB team, before leaving the sport when she was fourteen years old.
During high school she took part in Contemporary dance classes and was later introduced to Bachata through her latin friends. However, as there were no Bachata classes in her area at that time and no one there seemed to know what it was, she took up Salsa classes instead in 2009 and fell madly in love with Latin dance. Due to her artistic background and perfectionist nature, she quickly picked up the moves and was asked to assist with teaching following only her third lesson. Since then she has continued to progress and expand her knowledge and is able to teach as a lead or follower. She now teaches mainly Bachata, Salsa, Bachatango and Ladies styling, but also other dances such as Cha cha, and Pachanga.