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I know some of you have been waiting for these details and today is the start of promoting next years trip of a lifetime to Cuba.

The price on the flier is for the first 30 tickets sold, after that we expect to be charged 2013 prices when we purchase our next batch so book now!www.takemetocuba.co.uk

Stepping out of your hotel in Havana is like taking a step back in-time or walking onto a film set. The colonial architecture is simple stunning albeit in need of restoration, the colours, smells and the sound of vibrant music makes it like no other place on earth.
For the past two years we have sold out of tickets within 6 months of placing them on sale. In 2012 we took people from, Germany, Latvia, Serbia, France, Ireland and the UK. Unfortunately, because of limited tickets not everybody who wanted to travel with us was able to. It really is easy to secure your place with us just on the website www.takemetocuba.co.uk, pay a £200 deposit via PayPal and sit back whilst counting down the days to you board that Virgin Atlantic plane to the Caribbean island of CUBA! If you are flying from outside the UK you have two options; you can fly to Gatwick airport, London, the night before and stay in the ‘Travel Lodge Hotel’ with us as many did last year or we can arrange a flight from your home country to Havana where you will be met at the airport and transferred to the Hotel Plaza. The choice is yours and we keep things simple for you. Price on application.

Cuba is renowned not only for its rich history; its deep rooted culture, its architecture and laid back way of life but also for the famous Latin dance called ‘Salsa’. Every street has vibrant music playing whether that’s in a café/bar, restaurant or somebody’s home. Cubans dance and listen to music like most Westerners watch television. You do not need to have any dance experience to join this holiday but if you would like to learn how to dance Salsa, Reggaeton, Rumba, Son, Timba and other Afro-Caribbean dances, daily lessons are available free of charge.

If you are already an experienced dancer then we can guarantee to take you to the next level as we have some of the very best teachers in the world travelling with us. Each full day that we are in Cuba you too can expect ‘at least’ two hours of tuition in various styles of Salsa and other Latin/Afro Caribbean dance. You can improve your skills and repertoire in a style that you are accustomed to or you might like to try something new. The genres that will be on offer include: Cuban Salsa, Timba, Rueda, Cross Body Conversion, Son, Rumba, Body Movement and Reggaeton. Trends change and presently in Cuba dancing pure salsa is no longer vogue. We will teach you how to add Reggaeton, Rumba and other Orishas styles to your free-style dance that will allow you to express yourself more freely on the dance floor and impress your class mates upon your return.

Our resident head teacher is once again none other than the world infamous, Mr Moe Flex! For those of you who do not know Moe, he has worked with the likes of; Madonna, Roudeep, Tim Westwood, 50 Cent, Craig David and Blu Cantrell. He not only teaches all styles of Latin dance but also performs, DJs, directs, choreographs and comperes all over Europe and indeed the world. Numerous other Salsa holiday companies have tried to book Moe to be their head teacher but it is us that have him and we are proud to work with him.

Also Misael Cordero is joining the team, you can see his full bio on this website.

Unlike other companies there is no need for translators, ‘tipping the dancers’, travelling long distance to studios or being expected to pay for their nights out. In fact our party never really stops as our teachers/entertainers stay in the same hotels, eat, drink and party with you!

Fancy a Rough Itinerary of Your Holiday?

We start by meeting in Gatwick airport on Monday 23th September for check-in. We will assemble as a group and all check-in together before those of you that want to, wander off through the duty-free shops. If you don’t fancy looking around and don’t need to buy any of those last minute things that you have forgotten to pack, you may want to join us for coffee and breakfast before boarding the plane. Following our 9.5 hour flight with Virgin Atlantic, we land in José Martí International Airport in Havana, the -5 hours’ time difference means that we haven’t lost the whole day and you will have time to go to your rooms and freshen-up before heading off for something to eat and to dance the night away. We will have private exclusive transfers to the Hotel Plaza aboard a modern, air conditioned coach and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

Your stay in the Hotel Plaza is on a bed and breakfast basis. The breakfast is buffet style self-service and you are welcome to eat as much as you like to set yourself up for the day ahead. Around 10.30am, you will have the first of your daily lessons on the roof terrace. Following your second lesson which will ends at 12.30pm, there is a rest period of about an hour before we head off for the day on one of the many excursions/adventures we want you to experience. This may include: A trip across the harbour to the magnificent statue of Jesus which overlooks and protects the city, a guided tour in Horse and Cart with an English speaking guide (maybe stopping off at the old Rum Museum and local flea market on the way). On another day you may wish to visit the beautiful countryside of Vinalés Valley, experience the hustle and bustle of a Farmers Market, go shopping, laze in one of the many lunch time bars (with live bands) sipping Cuba Libras or Mojitos, visit the Zoo, ride in a Coco Taxi, travel in a 1950’s American car, watch a Rumba show, view/buy Local Art, buy cigars or any one of a hundred different things that we can make possible for you. Did I mention lessons in local dance schools with local instructors, (their English isn’t always the best but it is a most enjoyable and rewarding experience)? Yes, on top of our travelling teachers we know some of the best dance teachers/schools in Havana and we hire them every year to teach dance students. In fact, when we go out to the clubs and bars on an evening they will often ask to join us as such is the fun our group has, they want to be part of it. We don’t have to hire Cubans to dance with you; they want to dance with you!

We know that what we offer every day won’t necessarily be everybody’s cup of tea and you might want to go off and do your own thing and that is fine. In fact, tell us what you want to do or where you want to go and we will do our best to help, we can even provide local guides for you that we know and trust. We never forget that this is your ‘holiday’ and we will go out of our way to make sure you have the best and safest time possible whilst in Cuba.

OK, the day time is over and we head back to our hotel. You will have several hours to have a nap and/or get ready for your evening’s entertainment. We will take you out to one of the many restaurants for real Cuban food, or you might want to try the local Italian pizza/pasta restaurant as the food there is pretty good as well. The prices in the restaurants are most favourable compared to England and you will be able to wine and dine until your heart’s content all a very reasonable price. For example, a meal of lobster with salad and a local drink would be priced around £12 – £15 or something simple like a pizza could be purchased for as little as £2. Now it’s off with Moe and Misael to the chosen club for that evening, it could be the world famous ‘Casa De La Musica’, ‘1830’ or any other that has a top band playing. During the day we have locals working behind the scenes ensuring that you always get what you want when you want it and as bands can change venues at short notice you need to have somebody that has the relevant local knowledge. Therefore we choose daily where we are going on the evening so we end up where the hottest bands are playing or at the clubs that suit us best!

One evening we will visit ‘Castillo Del Morro’ to watch the nightly ceremony of the firing of the canons and the ceremonious display by the authentically dressed soldiers; we might even dine in the castle itself. Another night we will offer you the chance to go and see the world famous ‘Tropicana Show’. If you want to see some classic Cuban cabaret then this is one for your diary. The Tropicana first opened in 1939 and it has been packing in crowds nightly ever since. Step into the gardens, take a seat at one of the tables and get ready for a feast of feather-head-dressed senioritis all swirling and shimmying to the live music. Snake-hipped men will be shaking and stepping to the beats of Rumba, Timba and Conga. On another evening we will hire an entourage of classically restored 1950’s/60’s American cars to tour the city and maybe cruise the Malecón at sunset. It is impossible to tell you everything that you will experience so again we urge you to check out the photos and videos from previous trips. You won’t see everything on offer though; we have to keep some surprises!

So there you have an idea of what a day in Havana might be like and after 10 days/nights of this full on visiting, dancing, sightseeing, adventure, fun, shopping, eating, exploring, lesson taking madness we head off to the beautiful Caribbean beach resort of Varadero for a much needed rest
The coach journey is about 1.5 hours which includes a short stop for the toilets and a drink (aboard our own private, modern and air conditioned coach).
We arrive at the beautiful Hotel Blau (and when we say beautiful we mean beautiful) where everything other than some of the water sports is included. You can even try a free sub-aqua dive. You will check in and be taken to your room to unpack and unwind. From here on in everything is pretty much informal. We will still offer two hours of lessons a day and this might be inside, on the beach, by the pool or even in the pool. Yes that’s right, in the pool! Get ready for the most fun you can have with your swimming costume on as Moe takes you for a lesson in Aqua Rueda! Don’t worry all you less experienced dancers you will be taking part (I write this with a smile on my face as I know the fun that everyone has).

Our beach Olympics is fast becoming a tradition and we will be organising you into teams for this year’s version. Don’t worry there are games to ensure everyone takes part; young, old, fat or thin tea drinker or semi-pro drinker!

The day is yours, eat, drink, sunbathe, swim, sleep, dance and be merry. We will still organise excursions for those that want it and we recommend the, ‘All Day Catamaran’ trip, ‘Jeep Safari’ and the ‘Jet-skiing/Boat adventure’. A visit to the nearby Dolphin show is worth a visit and if you want you can pay to swim with these most intelligent of animals. One day we will jump on the ‘train like bus’ which stops at the hotel every hour on the hour, and take you to the local market. There is Horse Riding available outside many of the hotels but make sure you check your insurance to ensure you are covered for this activity as the Horses do not belong to a ‘formal’ excursion company. There are plenty of other trips available and these can be booked in the hotel either via us or direct.

Every evening the Hotel Blau has cabaret entertainment from Live Bands; dance shows and Synchronised Swimming Shows through to a Massive Beach Party! Again this might not suit everyone but never fear the peninsular of Varadero isn’t that big and the local bars and clubs are just a short taxi ride away that is if you want to leave the hotel at all. Our teachers host your own parties in the bar down by the beach every night. This is a 24 hour bar where you can get snacks and drink until your heart’s content. With a group our size and being repeat customers, the hotel lets us do pretty much what we want, play what music we want and play any games we want – there were many 6am to bed people in 2011 and it wasn’t the youngsters that were staying up!

So there you have it in rough – 14 glorious days on the Caribbean island of Cuba; 10 fun filled days and hard partying nights followed by 4 luxurious nights situated on one the most beautiful beaches in the world, or by the edge of a magnificent pool. NB: Hard partying still available for those that can handle it!

The last two years have been oversubscribed, we wouldn’t be surprised if the same happened again this year so book now and we will give you the’ Holiday Of A Lifetime!’

Full Details available on the website